Life is about changes. Seasons change, our bodies change and during the cycle of birth and death, we will experience many times of change or transition.  Often we can experience resistance to going with the flow of change.  Transitions, big and small, can leave you feeling lost or out of control. The good news is that there are ways to support yourself through a period of transition.

What is a transition?

Put simply, a transition is any change from one way of living to another. A transition may be something small, yet it may well have a big impact on your way of life. Others might seem huge but you are able to take it in your stride. How you experience that transition often depends on how you feel about the old way of life, and if you feel anything is missing from the new way.

There are countless transitions that we go through. Some of the most common in the human experience include:
• Entering into or moving out of a relationship
• Moving to a new house
• Having a baby
• Changing jobs or careers
• Beginning or ending a study
• Life stages, such as puberty
• Retirement
• Loss of a loved one

All of these can have different effects. Some may be a positive transition, but it can still be stressful!

Humans go through cycles

One important thing to note is that we tend to go in cycles of around 9 years. If you are trying to make a transition when it’s not the right time in your cycle, you may find it harder to do so. You are also more likely to experience issues even once the transition is made – for example, taking longer to settle into a new home.

Through my study of the cycles of time, according to the ancient wisdom of Chinese Medicine, the patterns inherent in the elements of nature very much influence our life experiences. For instance,  if you move in a personal year that is not conducive for moving; for instance, a year where you need to stay put and be home more, your energy will be affected if you choose to ‘pack up’ home and move. The move itself may be unsettling and it can take longer for you to feel comfortable after the transition than if you were to wait till the following year. (Your Divine Blueprint Reading gives more insight into this.)

Strategies for periods of transition

Just because we go through transitions doesn’t mean it has to be a struggle! Here are some simple strategies to use if you are feeling overwhelmed.

Tune into your body and your emotions

The first clue is in how your body is responding. Your body will mimic your mind and reveal concerns you might be having about the transition. Notice any symptoms, sensations or changes in how your body feels.

Next, notice any emotions that you’re experiencing. Are you resisting the change? Do you feel fearful, excited, or maybe a bit of both? Emotions can be overwhelming if we try to push them away. By noticing them, we can be conscious that they are only one part of us – not the whole.

What value is this change affecting?

When going through a transition, one thing that is often affected is your values. Values are an incredibly important part of living your true purpose. But what happens if your new way of living diminishes that value?  More than likely, you’ll feel lost.

This is common in people who retire – they are used to contributing to the world with their work. However, after retirement, they feel as if they can’t be of service in the same way they used to.

The first thing you need to do is identify that value. What value were you fulfilling prior to the transition, and is it lacking now?

How can you find that value in your new era?

Once you’ve identified what may change with your transition, look for how you can do the same from now on.
For example, upon retirement, if your career made you feel like you were contributing to the world, why not look for volunteer work? If moving, and your old house made you feel secure, how can you make your new one feel similar?

If you are going through a transition at the moment that feels particularly challenging or stressful, I can help you to gain more clarity in regard to, not only what might be affecting you energetically with that transition, but also as to the timing of that transition. With these awareness’s, together we can focus on what opportunities and choices you may have to make that transition all the more smoother.

Why not contact me and book in for a Free 15 minute clarity session to discuss whether my combination Divine Blueprint and Reiki session would benefit you.  I would love to support you during your time of transition.