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Welcome to Healing Vibrations

Are you feeling confused or ‘stuck’?  Do you need clarity and direction in your life? Allow me to guide you in discovering your inner truth and help you move forward to empowered change.

Hi. My name is Frances Peterson and I am Healing Vibrations. I welcome you to my website and thank you for taking the time to visit.  You are here because you are looking for answers and I know I can help you find them.

It has been my passion for many years now to assist people to heal their pain and subsequently, re-discover their passion and their purpose for life. I have found that when you are out of alignment with your true purpose, your body reflects that disconnection through pain or poor health and will show up through symptoms which can be physical, emotional, mental and even spiritual in nature.

I believe that true healing of any pain or dis-ease cannot occur until the core issue is released. What I can offer you in a healing session with me is a way of exploring and discovering the root cause of your pain so that you can experience complete release and healing of that pain. It is only then that you will find the true meaning of freedom which will open the door to developing a deeper connection with your heart and your soul so that you can purposefully move forward to live a heart centered life.

Relationships are my primary focus in the healing modalities that I offer. Your life is all about relationships! However, it is not only your relationships with others but your own relationship with yourself that can create stress. Stress is the number one reason your body becomes imbalanced and pain is usually the means by which your body will relay that imbalance. With compassion and empathy, together, you and I can effectively address that pain by accessing the innate wisdom of your body and restore it to the optimal health it was designed to have.

So, if you are feeling stressed or anxious or simply need time out, Healing Vibrations is the place to come to restore your sense of well-being, experience a sense of bliss and, essentially, discover a deeper connection with yourself.  During your healing journey with Healing Vibrations, your passion and purpose for living this life will be re-ignited. Allowing yourself to experience healing in this way is the ultimate expression of Self Love – an objective I believe we are all seeking to achieve in this lifetime.

Healing Services

Healing Vibrations - FasterEFT

FasterEFT is an amazingly fast and effective technique that combines tapping on particular meridian points on the face and body together with a structured process in accessing your patterns and belief systems to release emotional and physical pain.

Healing Vibrations - Forensic Healing

Forensic Healing is a complete healing system which identifies and addresses the root cause of your pain or issue and accesses over 90 healing pathways to release the condition in a fast and structured way.

Healing Vibrations - Reiki

Reiki is an ancient art of natural healing which utilises a gentle yet powerful “hands-on” channeling of life force energy, bringing a sense of wholeness, peace and well-being and deep relaxation.


Re-Igniting your Power, Passion and your Purpose for Life

Where do I start?

Healing Vibrations - Frances Peterson

When asked which modality to try first, especially if you have not experienced healing before, I will always suggest Reiki.  This powerful yet gentle form of hands-on healing is truly an experience which can only be described as “Bliss”. Once you have experienced Reiki, you will definitely want to come back and try an AromaBliss/Reiki which combines the beautiful benefits of Reiki together with the deepening vibration of Young Living essential oils placed strategically on a number of chakra points of your body. This newest addition to Healing Vibrations has become a definite favourite with regular clients.

I loved it so much!

I was introduced to a different type of healing called ‘AromaBliss’ last week. Frances suggested that I would enjoy it. It was a lovely session combining oils and Reiki. The energy was very strong and the lovely aroma of the oils stayed with me for the rest of the day. I loved it so much, I’m booked in to have it regularly at Healing Vibrations.

Thanks again Frances.”

What if I just want to be pampered? (Read More)2018-09-10T14:27:36+10:00

One of the newest additions to the Healing Vibrations repertoire of pampering treatments is the SOQI Bed Spa experience. The SOQi Bed Spa is a combination of scientific technology and Chinese medical science. It combines Motion, Thermal and Electrical Energy to release toxins and unhealthy build up in your body. It restores the natural healing ability of the body to improve your immune system and extend your life span. Besides all that, it is wonderfully nurturing and relaxing and following your SOQI experience, you will notice a greater sense of energy – much like feeling as if you are ‘firing on all cylinders’.

People are saying I should learn to Meditate. Can you help me with this? (Read More)2018-09-10T14:28:04+10:00

Meditation is definitely one of the most powerful methods of both relieving pain and stress and also deepening your connection to your Self.  I am currently offering Healing Meditations on Lakeview groups both on alternating Wednesday and Thursday evenings to assist you on your journey to healthy relaxation and spiritual awakening.  The days and times of our upcoming meditation nights can be found here.

I have also produced a beautiful guided meditation CD which takes you on a 45 minute journey into the most blissful part of yourself – your Heart.

Floating in Peace – A Meditation from the Heart is a healing journey which gently guides your inner child to a place of joy and self-discovery and the process it takes you into is beautifully assisted by the background music composed by Reiki practitioner and music composer, Greg Riddell. If you would like to purchase a copy of this meditation CD, please purchase here.

I want to look after my body with the best available resources. Can you help me with this? (Read More)2018-09-10T14:28:27+10:00

It has been my lifelong journey and quest to find the best possible resources to keep my body in tip top form and optimal health. I am a great believer of empowering myself with knowledge about my body and what I should take or use, both internally or externally to maintain my health. I can show you the benefits of the products that I recommend, based on my own experience as well as others. The newest cellular technology that I am excited about is ASEA Redox Molecules which is a product that focuses on restoring your health by healing the ‘cells’ in your body. Find out more about ASEA Redox Molecules here.

By commencing treatments such as Reiki or Massage with a few minutes on the Sun Ancon Chi Machine (a component of the SOQI Bed Spa) I’ve found that clients are noticing an even deeper healing experience.  So much so that some clients are asking if they can purchase one for home use. I firmly believe the Chi Machine should be in every home! So I am happy to say that I am a distributor for HTE Australia and can access both the Sun Ancon Chi Machine and all their SOQI Bed Spa components at affordable prices.

Enquire here.

Thank you Frances – you have saved me

I’ve been through so much emotionally over several years and Frances was recommended to me as being a wonderful healer. She is kind, extremely gifted, non-judgmental and just wants to really get to the core of one’s issues so as to help them get back on track and be the amazing person they are meant to be. I had Forensic Healing performed on by Frances and boy, do I recommend that!  I feel lighter, more free and when I think about certain things I have carried within me for years that I know have troubled and affected me, they no longer affect me – I don’t feel anything negative about those issues any longer which is so freeing and liberating. I was “stuck” for so long and now I’m not. I will continue to work on me now and I hope I don’t “have” to go back to Frances but would like to go back just to treat my body with a Reiki session or anything else that I know will do wonders for my soul. Thank you Frances – you have saved me.”

M. F.

Highly recommended!

I had an Akashic Record reading with Frances Peterson when I was at a crossroads regarding whether to continue with a joint venture I had started or to go my own way. I sort of knew the answer but was wavering with trust issues. I was brought so much clarity through the reading about who I am that my own decision could be heard clearly. I had many “aha”s and the beautiful and supportive guide that came through has provided clarity that I often go back to when my mind gets in the way and I lose the ability to discern clearly. This reading was beautiful, empowering and was so much more than an hour of my time to answer what was on my mind there and then. It has provided me with guidance and clarity that I love to return to again and again.

Karen W.

Frances helped me to understand my elemental nature.

Frances helped me to understand my elemental nature.  She has helped me to receive guidance that will help me to navigate a new soulful way of living.

You can suppress your true feelings but in the end your truth will show on your face.  A reading with Frances will reveal a deeper understanding of where you have come from and the beauty and purpose your soul is desperate to reveal.  This is deep soul level clarity and creates change for women and men who want to beam real beauty into this world.

Annie R.

She has an angelic voice and is a gifted healer and teacher

Frances has a beautiful healing room and is a beautiful person. She is kind and caring and her meditation classes are amazing.  She has an angelic voice and is a gifted healer and teacher.”


I loved it so much!

I was introduced to a different type of healing called ‘AromaBliss’ last week. Frances suggested that I would enjoy it. It was a lovely session combining oils and Reiki. The energy was very strong and the lovely aroma of the oils stayed with me for the rest of the day. I loved it so much, I’m booked in to have it regularly at Healing Vibrations.

Thanks again Frances.”


She has a deep understanding and focus into any emotional issue

I come to Frances because I trust that she will help me and allow the process to flow.  She provides a safe environment to open up and doesn’t rush or judge.  She has a deep understanding and focus into any emotional issue.”


I would highly recommend Frances for readings and healings.

I had an Akashic Records reading with Frances at a time in my life when I needed additional spiritual guidance for some things I was going through. I booked an appointment for an Akashic record reading with her, in our appointment Frances contacted the Akashic records and gave extremely helpful, accurate and solid information that helped me to move easier through a challenging time. It was a relief to speak with her and to receive guidance that really helped. Frances consults in a way that is kind and compassionate and her presence is healing in itself. Frances also helped me with ongoing pain I had in my arm that would not go away, she was able to guide me to clear the pain and it hasn’t returned. I would highly recommend Frances for readings and healings.

Deborah K.

Frances is a skilled intuitive healer who has knowledge of varying healing modalities

Frances is a skilled intuitive healer who has knowledge of varying healing modalities. I have been helped many times with her wonderful Reiki & massage sessions.  I have watched my overall health improve over the last 6 years since using her services regularly.


A powerful healer

Frances is a gifted counselor, a powerful healer and her meditations are truly wonderful.”


I felt fully supported.

Frances is a very dedicated healing practitioner who uses differing healing modalities to help clients. One new and  interesting treatment involved a few sessions with Frances where I was actively participating by use of intense clearing breath and body work. Frances was very skilled in the bodywork component of this dynamic healing work. I felt that some old thought patterns which were preventing me from moving forward emotionally were indeed shifted by the end of the few sessions. Afterwards I also felt quite relaxed and fully supported by Frances’ caring and compassionate manner. I would definitely recommend Frances for healing old wounds.

Thanks Frances!


The Chi Machine really does get your energy buzzing!

Thanks Frances for adding the Chi Machine and HotHouse Dome to my massage treatments. I’ve noticed a difference using the heat from the dome as my muscles stay warmer and energized for a lot longer.  It penetrates the work you do deeper.  The Chi Machine really does get your energy buzzing!”


I have now learned techniques to handle stress better

I originally came to see Frances for a Reiki healing at a time in my life when I really needed to stop and pay attention to my body and how it deals with stress and tension.  I have now learned techniques to handle stress better.  Frances’ healing modalities work very well on a regular basis with me and allow me to have more than enough energy to flourish in my personal life.  The overall aim for me is to live a long and healthy life and Frances understands the processes of healing which help to enable this aim.  Thanks Frances!”


An uplifting and truly unique experience

Visiting Frances at Healing Vibrations is an uplifting and truly unique experience.  Frances provides Reiki, alternative healings and relaxation massages together with the added use of the Chi Machine and HotHouse Dome treatments.  I always come away feeling stress free and very relaxed after a session.  Frances provides very personal, individually tailored treatments for people and I would highly recommend her services.”


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