About Me

Hi. My name is Frances Peterson and it has been my passion for health that has driven me to become a practitioner of Holistic and Vibrational therapies. My belief is that ‘your wealth is in your health’ and the services I offer are all about empowering you to maintain the health of your greatest asset – your body.

It is my empathy and desire to not see people suffer unnecessary pain that has driven my passion to find the most effective therapies as well as innovative healing technology to relieve that pain.

I am also a strong advocate for Self-Love. I feel that this is what we are all here to awaken and learn. And I believe that Self-Love is more easily achieved once you truly know yourself. By releasing pain and stress, at the core level; physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, I believe a stronger sense of self can be realised and will ultimately lead to
Self-Love. I’ve come to discover, through wisdom gained by my own journey so far that Relationships are key, both that which you have with yourself and also that which you have with your significant others. And it is in the understanding of the conflict that arises in those relationships is where the real healing begins.

So, in order for you to know more about me and why my passion and purpose is Healing, and how I can best help you, here is how my journey began.

Frances is a skilled intuitive healer who has knowledge of varying healing modalities

Frances is a skilled intuitive healer who has knowledge of varying healing modalities. I have been helped many times with her wonderful Reiki & massage sessions.  I have watched my overall health improve over the last 6 years since using her services regularly.


My journey into healing began....

In 1999 I discovered the simple yet powerful healing known as Reiki when, as a young mum of three children, I was at my wits end to find ‘something’ that would help my then one year old baby boy to sleep through the night. A Reiki healer and teacher who visited my hometown suggested that this hands-on healing technique would help. I was fascinated at the prospect of hands-on healing and so I intuitively chose to be attuned to Reiki. Within days of being attuned and learning the practice of Reiki, I placed my ‘healing hands’ on my baby son and I was amazed that in less than 3 days, his sleeping pattern changed dramatically and he slept through the night for the very first time. Needless to say, I was thrilled with the results and I was soon Reiki-ing my entire family. I went on to become attuned to Reiki Level 2 and I continue to practice Reiki daily on myself and when requested, on my family, friends and clients.

And then I discovered Meditation!

Frances Peterson Healing Vibrations Lilydale VictoriaWhile being attuned to Reiki, I was taught the practice of Meditation. I soon became a fan of meditation and immediately set up a daily practice of 20 minute sessions every morning.  My family soon learned that ‘meditation time’ was ‘my time’ and left me alone to enjoy this time of self-discovery and stillness.  Again, it was because I could feel the difference that meditation was making to my life, particularly as a coping skill when raising a young family, combined with working full time in a family business, that I decided I would later teach meditation to my clients in regular meditation groups.

My hope is to instil this passion I have for meditation in all my clients. Later, in 2014, I released my first professional 45 minute guided meditation CD aptly titled
Floating in Peace – A Meditation from the Heart in collaboration with Greg Riddell, Reiki Master and Musical Composer. To create a deeply healing guided meditation CD had been a long held desire and dream of mine and I would not have been able to realise that dream had it not been for the patient guidance and musical genius of Greg Riddell.

My thirst for learning all about healing continued when in 2000 I studied the
Mind-Body Connection in an intensive course presented by Greg Neville, a Naturopath in Melbourne who linked our thoughts/emotions to over 100 common illnesses. He had studied his clients over a 12 year period and he developed a theory that each of the organs in our body represented an ability we have in life and that it is when we have a continual pervading belief about a particular ability, be it about our own or a significant other, that that corresponding organ or body part will malfunction.

His teachings fed my natural curiosity about how amazing the body is and I came to realise that our bodies can function perfectly – it is our beliefs and ultimate stresses in life (our psychology) that impacts its healthy function. Our bodies are actually serving us well by actually mimicking what is going on in our minds. We just have to learn to interpret the messages which unfortunately, show up as pain. I love being able to help my clients discover that precise connection.

There is a link between the Mind and the Body!

Armed with this new awareness, I searched for a method that would not only bring that awareness to my clients minds about what thoughts and emotions could be causing their health issues, but which would also assist in alleviating those issues. Over the years I have since discovered and gone on to practice mind-body therapies such as Thought Field Therapy, the original process of ‘tapping’ on meridians of the body to disrupt the messages between our minds and our bodies in order to release and alleviate pain, anxiety and stress, etc.

More recently, I have updated this therapy with my studies in FasterEFT which is proving to be an amazing healing tool which combines the processes of tapping on the meridians combined with Neuro Linguistic Programming and Hypnosis. I find it satisfies my desire to discover the core belief or thought linked to a memory which resides beneath a client’s issue and then releases the issue via the tapping process. It is also a technique that provides extremely ‘fast’ results. After a session with me, I will direct my clients to the informative and instructional videos that the creator of this technique, Robert G Smith, freely provides to the public via his website and YouTube channel. Knowing that my clients can leave a session with me and go home armed with this tool to tap on and release any issue that arises for them is extremely empowering.

I have found that not all our health concerns can be easily linked to a conscious thought or emotion. Continuing in my search for a deep and spiritually based technique that would provide more answers as to why issues arise for my clients, Forensic Healing crossed my path in 2014. I immediately resonated with its in-depth process of communicating directly with the body via bio-feedback  ( a method commonly known as muscle testing or energy shift) and by-passing the conscious mind.  In other words, asking ‘your body’ what the core issue is beneath your health concern or stress because the body has an intricate cellular memory that contains all your memories and triggers and information about you. Everything that happens to you is stored in your amazing body. So I found that, working with Forensic Healing, I can help people dig deeper and discover that information so that, once brought to their awareness, it can be resolved on all levels – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. I not only have access to over 90 healing corrections available in this complete healing system. I am also able to incorporate my own healing methods to maximise the results for my clients.

Over time, I have also developed a greater understanding and appreciation that your body can’t stay healthy if it is not provided with the right nutrition.  Healing on a cellular level is something I am passionate about and I believe that the therapies I practice together with the products that I use achieve exactly that.

Anti-Aging and Cellular Health – go hand in hand!

Healing Vibrations - ASEA productsPeople often ask me what I use to stay healthy and younger looking. Anti-aging and cellular health goes hand in hand, as far as I am concerned, and I am very passionate about both. That is why I only use toxin free products on my skin. I won’t refer people to products that I, myself, don’t use.

I pride myself on staying abreast of the latest revolutionary and state of the art cellular technology and have been enjoying the benefits of using cellular focused  products such as ASEA Redox MoleculesLifeForce Body Balance and Young Living Oils. These products are second to none and I believe my own great health is testament to that.

And finally, the reason why you would choose a healing with me...

New clients that find their way to my beautiful healing rooms and avail themselves of my services find that their experience is enlightening and releasing – discovering more about who they really are, why they do the things they do and why they suffer from a particular health issue. At the end of their session, they feel lighter on all levels, have experienced the bliss that is experienced through an empathetic healing and feeling heard on the deepest level.

I look forward to working alongside you to release your pain, in whichever form it presents and ultimately, gently guiding you to feel a deeper love and connection with yourself. Welcome to Healing Vibrations.

  • Skills to Change Institute Inc. - FasterEFT Level 1 Practitioner in Training 2016.

  • Forensic Healing - Diploma in Forensic Healing 2015.

  • Vibrational Harmonics - Vibrational Raindrop Technique 2013.

  • Australian Success Academy – Hypnotherapy 2012.

  • Jennifer Jefferies Intuitive Aromatherapy 2008.

  • Ashby Allen Institute – Diploma in Counselling – Communication, Interpersonal Relations  & Human Development.

  • Eugene Piccinotti - Thought Field Therapy 2006.

  • Nature’s Path – DNA 1 and 2 Thetahealing 2005.

  • Institute of Integrated Health – Relaxation Massage 2003

  • Success Leadership Speechcraft 2002

  • Australian School of Psychosomatics – Psychosomatics Holistic Counselling 2001.

  • The Reiki Cottage - Reiki 1 and 2 Degree 1999.

  • ARC - Australian Reiki Connection since 2003.

  • MAA – Massage Association of Australia since 2003.

  • Independence Australia – Access Friendly Award of Recognition 2009.

  • Lilydale Chamber of Commerce & Industry Inc. – Business Service Excellence Award 2010.