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Forensic Healing – What is it
and how can I benefit from it?

Forensic Healing derived its name from the direct correlation with some of the methods used by forensic investigators to solve crimes.

What I love about Forensic Healing is that it’s a structured forensic approach which combines science and intuition to directly support the release of pain, trauma, stress and long-term conditions very quickly.

By directing the questions of  Who, What, Where, When, How and Why your condition has arisen during your session, using a bio-feedback method (also known as muscle testing or energy shift), we can uncover the profound answers that will support your healing.

I have found that this healing system is also effective in giving clarity and subsequently clearing stubborn relationship, health and financial issues, fast!

What sets Forensic Healing apart from other modalities?

During a session of Forensic Healing, I not only have access to over 110 healing corrections available in this complete healing system. I’m also able to incorporate my own healing methods to maximise the results of your healing.

This healing is not only transformational. It is also extremely relaxing and many clients have commented on how calm they feel throughout their session and afterwards.

If you feel that you have a condition or issue that requires a deeper sense of clarity and healing, then I highly recommend you book a session with me for Forensic Healing.

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Healing Vibrations - Forensic Healing

Thank you Frances – you have saved me.

I’ve been through so much emotionally over several years and Frances was recommended to me as being a wonderful healer. She is kind, extremely gifted, non-judgmental and just wants to really get to the core of one’s issues so as to help them get back on track and be the amazing person they are meant to be. I had Forensic Healing performed on by Frances and boy, do I recommend that! I feel lighter, more free and when I think about certain things I have carried within me for years that I know have troubled and affected me, they no longer affect me – I don’t feel anything negative about those issues any longer which is so freeing and liberating. I was “stuck” for so long and now I’m not. I will continue to work on me now and I hope I don’t “have” to go back to Frances but would like to go back just to treat my body with a Reiki session or anything else that I know will do wonders for my soul. Thank you Frances – you have saved me.

~ M.F.

I found the Forensic Healing, in particular, very powerful.

I highly recommend Frances’s healing sessions, Divine Blueprint Reading and Soul to Soul Development Circle.

I found the Forensic Healing, in particular, very powerful. I experienced significant shifts in my energy and have since felt much lighter, brighter and full of vitality.

~ Jessica Head

Price for Session
Forensic Healing

Your Forensic Healing session includes the completion of an in-depth questionnaire and preliminary discussion to discover the issues you would like to resolve during your healing.

Session duration is 2 hours.

Your investment is $300.

Experience The Clarity That You’ve Been Searching For

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