FasterEFT – How does this work and how can I benefit from it?

In 2000 I studied and became certified in Thought Field Therapy. This was the original healing technique I used on clients to assist them release and heal mind-body associated problems. This technique was used to consciously become aware of what particular stress was affecting you, noticing where it was felt in the body and ‘tapping’ with your fingers on particular meridians of the face and body and disrupting the feeling of that stress so that you no longer felt impacted by it. This modality was effective but quite time consuming and I found my clients did not achieve the results as well as I would have liked.

FasterEFT with Lauren

I went on to discover FasterEFT in 2012 and found that this encompassed a similar method to Thought Field Therapy but was far more effective in achieving results and was ‘faster’.

So what is FasterEFT?

FasterEFT is a modality that developed organically as a result of Robert G Smith, its founder, simplifying, amplifying, blending and practicing a number of powerfully effective modalities together, including Thought Field Therapy, EFT, Neuro Linguistic Programming and Hypnosis, to name just a few.

FasterEFT integrates a structured methodology of uncovering what is going on in your mind and how those thoughts, beliefs and attitudes are resulting in what is happening to you in your life. FasterEFT is based on the understanding that your body’s reactions are not the cause of your problems but rather the expression of what you hold within your mind – your perceptions – and how your perceptions originate from your memories and experiences. So in order to release the impact of those negative reactions and the subsequent conditions of the body, FasterEFT aims at changing the way you hold your memories which consequently changes your perceptions and ultimately how you see the world as a result.

How does FasterEFT change memories? Once you understand how you know you have a problem – how that is reflected in the feelings and emotions in your body, and once you uncover the memory associated with that problem, FasterEFT directly aims at changing the memory using tapping protocols.

FasterEFT is changing how the subconscious mind encodes, processes and reproduces experiences from the past.  It not only releases the emotions from our experiences, it also changes the way we hold the experience

– Robert G Smith.

The Tapping Process

The tapping process involves using your fingers and tapping on particular meridians of the body in order to disrupt and scramble the message within the electrical/chemical system of the mind-body. The meridian system is the communication highway to your organs and it stores feelings and emotional markers to past events and perceptions. The tapping process of FasterEFT successfully disrupts the stored information within your mind from reaching your body by ‘tapping’ on these meridians while processing the related memory.

Not only is the tapping process effective in disrupting the feelings and emotions in the mind-body connection. It is also promotes deep relaxation and centres you back to the present moment while integrating into the subconscious mind that the memory is now over and is no longer true or valid.

I have found FasterEFT to be extremely effective in alleviating pain, anxiety, depression, and other emotional symptoms and I am currently in the process of further training in order to assist my clients to uncover the source of and to release addictions.

If you want to know more about this amazing healing tool, please feel free to visit Robert G. Smith’s website here and avail yourself of his free informative and instructional information on how to use this empowering tool for yourself.

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Price for Session

During this session we will be discussing the particular problem or issue you would like to address and release which includes answering in-depth questions to ascertain the structure of your problem and then activating the release of that problem through the process of tapping.

Session duration is 2 hours.                         Your investment is $250.