Know Your Next Steps with Frances Peterson Healing Vibrations

Know Your Next Steps

Make sense of your current situation, clear the confusion and clarify your next steps forward.

When we are at some kind of crossroads in our life where choices need to be made, it can feel really hard to know which way to go.

Together, we will find the clarity you seek through healing conversations, interpreting the soul map imprinted in your face, as well as looking at what your birth details reveal about this stage of your life.

Know Your Next Steps was created to help solve these challenges:

  • Feeling like you’ve lost your spark and can’t seem to bounce back like you’ve been able to in the past.

  • Confusion about why you are experiencing upheavals in your life and what the deeper meaning is.

  • Second guessing yourself and not being able to commit to a decision.

  • Experiencing a sense of unworthiness or guilt about making new choices that would be good for you.

Through our work together, I’ll be supporting you to:

  • Understand why you feel so emotional and stuck.

  • Release any self-sabotaging habits, beliefs or traumas that are holding you back.

  • Know how to be heard and understood with your loved ones.

  • Be more comfortable with nurturing yourself and being able to have a better balance between giving and receiving.

  • Feel more comfortable in your own skin and create a vision for your future.

Know Your Next Steps with Frances Peterson Healing Vibrations

How to gauge if we would work well together:

  • You are open to exploring your strengths and weaknesses and what makes you tick.

  • You feel this is your time to step forward, be the woman you came here to be, and express the wisdom that lies within.

  • You believe it is important to take time for yourself and pursue your personal interests.

You Receive

3 x Sessions (90 minutes each)

Sessions facilitated by Zoom video conference

Or in person


Pricing Options:

$ 645, or

(3)  x $220  Weekly Payments

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Know Your Next Steps Transformational Program

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