Discover Your Divine Blueprint – Experience a Reading of your Soul’s Intent

I have always had a fascination for what makes people tick. Why we behave a certain way, how we look at life and why we may be experiencing life in the particular way that we do. Do we inherit our challenges? Is our life pre-destined? Are we programmed to experience the ups and downs in life for a purpose – that is, to learn lessons? Or is life just random? These are the questions that have long intrigued me. This intrigue and curiosity led me to discover the brilliant work of Jean Haner, a renowned Chinese Face and Birthdate reader with well over 30 years of experience studying and working with clients.

Discover the hidden messages of your face and your date of birth!

Healing Vibrations - Your Divine Blueprint Reading

Your Face Tells your Story!

Chinese Face Reading is a branch of Chinese Medicine and is at least 3000 years old. The principles of Chinese Medicine is based on the understanding that, as humans, we are made up of and affected by nature’s cycles. Our own true nature is reflective in the 5 elements of nature, those being Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal.

Chinese Face Reading is a scientific approach to interpreting the co-relation of the patterns in our face and birth date. With a Chinese Face Reading, we can read the messages about our true nature, our natural strengths, abilities and our challenges.  Married together with the elements of nature that relate to the date of our birth, we can discover the map to who we really are, why we here, what our true calling is and what core issues may arise during our journey here.

Your Divine Blueprint Reading will reveal your unique inner design, the map to who you really are and how best to follow this map throughout your life so that you can heal the issues that have arisen from the past and navigate your way to personal and professional success in your future.

  • Are you ready for more clarity?
  • Do you want to understand yourself more deeply and your intricate inner design so that you can discover more love and compassion for yourself?
  • Would you like to understand your significant others?
  • Are you ready to not only heal your body but your spirit as well?
  • Do you really crave to be heard and understood?

Then I warmly invite you to book in your session with me here.

Frances helped me to understand my elemental nature.

Frances helped me to understand my elemental nature.  She has helped me to receive guidance that will help me to navigate a new soulful way of living.

You can suppress your true feelings but in the end your truth will show on your face.  A reading with Frances will reveal a deeper understanding of where you have come from and the beauty and purpose your soul is desperate to reveal.  This is deep soul level clarity and creates change for women and men who want to beam real beauty into this world.

Annie R.
Price for Session
'Your Divine Blueprint' - A Reading of your Soul's Intent

This reading will intricately reveal who you really are and what your true calling in life is.  Your reading will also offer prescriptive recommendations for bringing your life back into balance.

         2.5 Hour Combination Reading and Reiki Healing.                     Your investment is $300.

         1.5 Hour Reading (either in person or via Zoom or Skype)       Your investment is $180.

(All readings include a recording of your session together with a complimentary audio of the prediction for your current personal year)