Akashic Records Reading

The Akashic Records are also known as the Book of Life and are named after the Sanskrit word, Akasha.  (meaning the primary substance of every thing).

The Records exist in the 5th Dimension and it is this field of energy from which all life manifests.

It holds the vibrational history and blueprint of each and every Soul and their journey through time, including every intention, purpose, thought, word and deed.

Any question that is relevant to your Soul’s evolution is knowable and accessible in this library.

Every person is able to access their Akashic Records for their own information.  However, as your guide and channel, I will safely support you on your journey to this Divine space.  During your reading you will access both the wisdom and guidance from the higher dimensional Beings of Light.  These are the Master Elders,  Enlightened Spiritual Teachers and Ancestors/Loved Ones.

Your journey will enable you to investigate your past, present and potential future.

You’ll also be able to access the Akashic Records to define your purpose, fully understand your talents and find the answers to greater success and joy in your life.

Are you at a crossroads and looking for answers?

The Akashic Records is where you can access deeply supportive and non-judgemental information and guidance. Its ultimate purpose is to encourage your Soul to achieve its highest purpose and potential during this lifetime.

How can you benefit from an Akashic Records Reading with me?

  • You can clear or release any negative cycles or destructive patterns, including
    • restrictive fears;
    • limiting beliefs;
    • repeating patterns;
    • karmic patterns
    • trauma
  • It will support you to align with your Soul path and your Soul desires
  • It will activate your gifts and knowledge from previous lives
  • It will align you with a healthier attraction to abundance and money
  • Enable you to create and manifest what you want in this lifetime

Experience the clarity that you’ve been search for.  Book your Akashic Records Reading with me today!

Highly recommended!

I had an Akashic Record reading with Frances Peterson when I was at a crossroads regarding whether to continue with a joint venture I had started or to go my own way. I sort of knew the answer but was wavering with trust issues. I was brought so much clarity through the reading about who I am that my own decision could be heard clearly. I had many “aha”s and the beautiful and supportive guide that came through has provided clarity that I often go back to when my mind gets in the way and I lose the ability to discern clearly. This reading was beautiful, empowering and was so much more than an hour of my time to answer what was on my mind there and then. It has provided me with guidance and clarity that I love to return to again and again.

Karen W.

I would highly recommend Frances for readings and healings.

I had an Akashic Records reading with Frances at a time in my life when I needed additional spiritual guidance for some things I was going through. I booked an appointment for an Akashic record reading with her, in our appointment Frances contacted the Akashic records and gave extremely helpful, accurate and solid information that helped me to move easier through a challenging time. It was a relief to speak with her and to receive guidance that really helped. Frances consults in a way that is kind and compassionate and her presence is healing in itself. Frances also helped me with ongoing pain I had in my arm that would not go away, she was able to guide me to clear the pain and it hasn’t returned. I would highly recommend Frances for readings and healings.

Deborah K.