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Embodied Inner Alchemy™ –
Somatic Breath-work and Body-work

All of our experiences in life are engrained within the cells of our body, both pleasant and unpleasant. It Is those unpleasant experiences from your past, ranging from everyday stress, interpersonal disputes, or abuse and trauma, that can result in a fear of not being good enough, anger outbursts, blaming others for our situation, not living your life to the fullest or closing yourself off from dreaming big.

During this healing, while activating your breath and consciously working with your body, suppressed experiences from the past can soften and be released.

This healing process then creates expansion in your body where you can now start to experience more ‘Chi’ or your life force flowing throughout your body and you can finally, feel more alive.

How can Somatic Breath-work

and Body-work help me?

Somatic Breath-work and Body-work is a unique breath and body-centred approach that can support you to:

  • Reduce stress, panic, anxiety and pain and release long-held trauma.

  • Release unwanted experiences, patterns, habits, and beliefs that prevent you from living a fulfilled life.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Experiencing increased energy and clearer focus.

  • A more relaxed state of being and an ability to sleep better.

  • Becoming more aware of your body and feeling good in your own skin.

  • Feeling more peaceful and connected.

  • Improved self-confidence.

  • The ability to be more present in your interpersonal relationships.

Somatic Breath-work and Body-work also offers you an increased freedom of expression, a connection to your true self and an overall feeling of personal empowerment.

Reiki with Frances Peterson Healing Vibrations

What Makes Somatic Breath-work
and Body-work Unique?

Your Somatic Breath-work and Body-work session begins with a chat with me to discover what change you need right now.

While guiding you as you breathe,I will touch or hold different energy points called meridians to support your body to safely release any tension or any deeper emotional and mental experiences that are stored in your body. While engaging your breath, your body wisdom supports you to release what no longer serves you.

As your Embodied Inner Alchemy™ Practitioner, I have been somatically trained for 2 years to be able to provide a safe and transformative healing space for you with a great deal of integrity and no judgment. Having also experienced these sessions for my own personal healing, I have gained a deeper connection with my body and by doing so, I am able to bring much wisdom to emotionally and somatically attune to you during your session.

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Testimonial by Kate

I felt fully supported.

Frances is a very dedicated healing practitioner who uses differing healing modalities to help clients. One new and interesting treatment involved a few sessions with Frances where I was actively participating by use of intense clearing breath and body work. Frances was very skilled in the bodywork component of this dynamic healing work. I felt that some old thought patterns which were preventing me from moving forward emotionally were indeed shifted by the end of the few sessions. Afterwards I also felt quite relaxed and fully supported by Frances’ caring and compassionate manner. I would definitely recommend Frances for healing old wounds.

Thanks Frances!

~ Kate

Price for Session
Embodied Inner Alchemy™ Breath-work and Body-work

Your Embodied Inner Alchemy™ Breath-work and Body-work session will include an in-depth chat to determine what issues you may like to address and also a discussion at the completion to discuss what you felt has changed and whether you would like ongoing sessions to continue clearing issues that may have surfaced.

Session duration is 2 hours.

Your Investment is $300

Experience The Clarity That You’ve Been Searching For

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