We are living in an era where women are craving to step out of the shadows and live a more inspired life. Yet many feel disempowered and fear the repercussions of living their ideal and soul-full life for fear of what they might lose or how it will impact others.
As a result, they end up depriving both themselves and the world of their innate gifts and wisdom.

It’s time for women to RECLAIM their BIRTHRIGHT and their AUTHENTIC WISE and POWERFULLY FEMININE nature.

In the pursuit of living the ideal life, attempting to balance work and family, are you a woman who:

– Has disconnected from your inner knowing, your Soul-Full wisdom?
– Crave to be respected for being powerful, passionate and feminine?
– Is ready to reclaim and embody more of who your Soul is calling you to be?
– Would love to connect with a community of supportive and like-minded women in
a safe and nurturing space?

Then this 8 week Embodying the Soul-Full Woman circle is for you!

You will discover practices, including meditations, which will empower you to:

– Discover how it feels to walk into any room feeling confident in both your walk and your talk!

– Tune into your magnificent inner guidance system, your Soul-Full wisdom, and make those difficult decisions with a greater sense of ease

– Feel more energised and instantly magnetic, attracting the attention you do want, rather than the attention you don’t want!

– Fall in love with your body and how delicious it can feel when you practice embodying your life-force through your breath

– Enjoy being seen and heard and held with a higher level of respect from other women who desire the same

– Feel more comfortable creating healthy boundaries with others and particularly, your loved ones


This 8 week Embodying the Soul-Full Woman circle is not for you if you are:

– Not committed to your personal and spiritual development
– Not willing or prepared to dive deep to reveal and heal your shadows
– Not self- enquiring and would rather life happen ‘to’ you rather than ‘through’ you!


Who am I and why am I offering this Circle?

My name is Frances Peterson and I’m your Soul-Full Women’s Facilitator. I have a breadth of experience working with conscious women who are committed to their personal and spiritual development, both through my healing services and previous meditation and women’s groups. I am a certified Embodied Inner Alchemy™ Women’s Facilitator, Reiki Master and Somatic Breath-work & Body-work practitioner and I am also qualified in the modalities of Forensic Healing, FasterEFT and Face & Birthdate Readings.

It is through my own self-exploration and desire to live a more fulfilling and passionate life that I offer this powerful women’s circle to you, a woman who is also seeking to live a Soul-Full life.

The meditations and practices that I will be introducing to you are ones that I have incorporated into my daily life and have embodied so that I can now live a more authentically wise, confident and deliciously feminine life, and ultimately, one that reflects my ‘Soul’.


My healing services and meditations groups have inspired the following heartfelt testimonials:-

Frances has a beautiful healing room and is a beautiful person, she is kind and caring and her meditation classes are amazing. She has an angelic voice and is a gifted healer and teacher.
– Kay

Life changing experience! I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. Seeing Frances is the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. – Briana


Event Information:-

This 8 week Embodying the Soul-Full Woman circle is being offered to with two alternative times:-

Monday mornings 10.00 am to 12.30 pm Commencing weekly from 8th October to 3rd December (excl. Cup Day Monday)

Wednesday evenings 7.00 pm to 9.30 pm Commencing weekly from 17 October to 5th December

Location: Healing Vibrations. 76 Lakeview Drive, Lilydale.

Your Investment in yourself is $279. $139 Payment is due at time of booking to secure your space, with the balance due 7 days before your preferred session.

Limited spaces available. Please contact Frances now for further details and payment information. Payment options are by transfer or via paypal.me.

I would love to chat to you personally about this Circle, so please feel free to contact me now by:-

Mobile: 0409 325 692
Email: frances@healingvibrations.com.au
Or via Facebook Messenger