Stress is a part of everyday life. A little bit of stress is actually healthy for you, but many people experience chronic stress. How you handle stress can depend on your individual blueprint and your life experiences.  There are also a number of ways that you can cope with stress based on how it makes you feel.

How do you define your stress?

If you feel sick one day, you might go to the doctor and ask for a day off. Your doctor will want to know your symptoms in order to know how to treat you most effectively.

When it comes to stress, it’s exactly the same approach. You’ll want to take a little time to notice where in your body you are experiencing the sensations of stress. Ask your body what it wants – does it want some rest, or to have some of the burden lifted? Checking in with your body can give you clues about how to heal the stress.

As a Holistic Health Practitioner, I will not only look at your stress symptoms but also the emotions that you’re experiencing. When you can identify how you’re feeling, it is easier to address the problem and heal it at the root.

The different faces of stress

Stress can come in many different forms, depending on your nature. Some people who have a good eye for detail and value the quality of their work can also be highly sensitive and they will experience stress as anxiety or even panic attacks. Others who are highly motivated or goal orientated will become angry or frustrated and often end up directing it at their loved ones. And others whose focus is the connection of family or relationships can experience sadness and even depression when they are under chronic stress.

You could tend toward one of these, or you could experience a mix of all three. But there are ways to support yourself when you are feeling like this.

Ways to cope with stress-related emotions

So how do you handle it when you’re immersed in the feelings of stress? As each emotion is different, there are different ways to cope with them. Here are some of my favourite ways to work through stress-related emotions.

Cope with anxiety using a diversion

Sometimes, you just need to give your brain a rest from whatever is causing anxiety. Take yourself out of the situation and give yourself some relief. Distract yourself using something like cute animal videos on YouTube! 10 minutes can make all the difference. Even just giving yourself some space and closing your eyes, focusing on taking some deep belly breaths for a few minutes can also make a big difference.

I am a great believer in meditation.  If you are familiar with the practice of meditation, even taking 20 to 30 minutes away from everyone and everything is beneficial.  While in that meditative state, thinking about someone or something you love and allowing the feeling of love to flow through you will leave you feeling far more relaxed and less anxious.

Cope with anger by letting it out

Anger is such a strong emotion that you can feel the build-up of energy in your body. You can’t really meditate it away! That’s why I think it’s important, in this case, to release that energy.

Find a space away from everyone and let it out, however you feel you need to. Beat up a pillow, make some noise, scream, cry and even swear out loud! If you love music, put some on and sing it out. Even move your body and dance it out!

Cope with sadness with gratitude

If you feel gratitude, sadness tends to lose its edge and becomes a gentler experience. For example, if you experience grief over losing someone, take a moment to reflect on the time you had with them and feel grateful for it. If your relationship has ended, reflect on what lessons you have learned and what experiences you enjoyed.

Taking time to feel grateful won’t erase the sadness, but it will alter it into a more bearable form.

Ask for help

If any form of stress is overwhelming you, you might need to reach out for help to heal the underlying emotions. Some of the ways that I can support your healing are FasterEFT or tapping, Reiki, Forensic Healing and Somatic Breath-work & Body-work. Even experiencing my Divine Blueprint Reading can give you more clarity in how and why you might be experiencing certain stress and emotions.

Please contact me for a Free 15 minute Phone or Zoom/Skype consultation to discuss the best healing solution for you. Be assured that stress relief is just one phone call away.