SOQI Spa Bed

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1 hour session.                                                  Your investment is $130.


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This treatment combines the therapeutic and emotional healing vibrations of Young Living Oils placed on a number of reflex points on your body which are then amplified with the relaxing and healing energy of Reiki. This session includes an initial sit down and chat and the AromaBliss/Reiki treatment. Allow 90 minutes for your [...]

Reiki with Sound Healing

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Amplify the energy and the benefits of your Reiki session with the deeply healing support of Sound! During this session you will choose the healing protocol that best suits your needs, and with the use of tuning forks, chimes, singing bowl and drums, your Reiki session will take you to [...]

Subsequent Reiki Appointments

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Your subsequent Reiki sessions will include a brief sit down and chat to discuss your needs followed by a beautiful Reiki treatment. Subsequent Reiki sessions may last up to 75 minutes.  Your investment is $150.

Initial Reiki Consultation

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Your initial Reiki session includes an initial sit down and chat after completing your registration form where we will discuss your needs for this session and also what you can expect during and after your Reiki treatment. This initial session typically lasts around 90 minutes.  Your investment is $180.

People are saying I should learn to Meditate. Can you help me with this? (Read More)

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Meditation is definitely one of the most powerful methods of both relieving pain and stress and also deepening your connection to your Self.  I am currently offering Healing Meditations on Lakeview groups both on alternating Wednesday and Thursday evenings to assist you on your journey to healthy relaxation and spiritual awakening.  The days [...]

What if I just want to be pampered? (Read More)

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One of the newest additions to the Healing Vibrations repertoire of pampering treatments is the SOQI Bed Spa experience. The SOQi Bed Spa is a combination of scientific technology and Chinese medical science. It combines Motion, Thermal and Electrical Energy to release toxins and unhealthy build up in your body. It restores the natural healing ability [...]