SOQI Bed/Spa

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Soqi Bed Spa with Healing Vibrations

The SOQI Bed Spa – What is it and how can I benefit from it?

My first experience of a SOQI Bed Spa was in May, 2015 when I was introduced to this revolutionary concept at a free demonstration at Alliz Trading, my go-to-place to purchase quality crystals, wholesale and retail.  Elisabeth and Alan invited me to experience a half hour on their SOQI Bed and immediately after my session, I came away feeling totally revitalized and ‘firing on all cylinders’. I was so relaxed throughout the session and felt so energised following it, that I was inspired to purchase a SOQI Bed Spa for my own healing practice, not only to introduce the same benefits to my clients, but for my own enjoyment as well!

What does a session involve and how does the SOQI Bed Spa work?

A session on the SOQI Bed Spa involves you lying down on my comfortable healing table with your ankles placed on the Chi Machine and your body being enclosed under two wonderfully warm HotHouse Domes. Depending on your requirements, a session may include the use of the

E-Power Machine prior your spa treatment. During your session, your body will enjoy the movement generated by the Chi Machine and you will feel absolutely nurtured with the warmth generated by the HotHouse Domes. The specially chosen ambient music played throughout your session will take you to a deeper state of relaxation and peace. Bliss!

SOQI Bed/Spa

The SOQI Bed Spa is a total health management system. It is a combination of scientific technology and Chinese medical science. It combines Motion, Thermal and Electrical Energy to release toxins and unhealthy build up in your body. It restores the natural healing ability of your body to improve your immune system and also to extend your life span.

The three components of the SOQI Bed Spa are the Sun Ancon Chi Machine (which uses motion), the Hot House Dome (which uses thermal) and the E-Power Machine (which uses electrical energy).

Each of these components – Motion, Thermal and Electrical – has specific benefits for your body.

Healing Vibrations is one of a very few places that offer this amazing therapeutical spa system and once you experience a session on the SOQI Bed Spa, you will definitely want to come back for more.

Each of the components of the SOQI Bed Spa can be purchased for your own home use.

Click her to enquire for details or to order.

Price for Sessions
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1 hour session.                                                  Your investment is $130.

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90 Minute session.                                              Your investment is $180.