The rooms here at Healing Vibrations are both tranquil and energizing and offer you a memorable escape from your daily life.  A sense of reconnecting to your ‘true self’ is promoted in the Healing room where you will be immersed in a deeply relaxing massage, therapeutic or vibrational healing of your choice.

Healing Vibrations - Frances Peterson

Being able to truly feel safe to express your deepest thoughts and concerns will be your experience during any one of the modalities that I offer. Some clients have even referred to my Healing room as the ‘crying room’ and have felt the enormous relief that expressing and releasing deeply stored emotions can bring.

The Healing room is also one where you will enjoy the ambience that can be heard and felt from the intuitively chosen music that will accompany your personal healing experience. You will notice how vibrationally energized you will feel from the various forms of sound therapy, including the overhead Solfeggio chimes, tuning forks, sound pyramid and singing bowls; any one of which may be incorporated into your healing session.  Your healing will truly be a unique experience – every time!

The Waiting room here at Healing Vibrations is also extremely welcoming. An extensive array of books, ranging from health related to spiritual development, are stored in a beautiful library and these books and resources are available to you to borrow, free of charge, for your pleasure.

The Waiting room is also where my “Healing Meditations on Lakeview”groups meet and meditate each week.  This small and intimate room can comfortably accommodate a maximum of 12 people and my regular attendees comment on how relaxed and ‘at home’ they feel in it.

This Waiting room is also available for hire for anyone requiring a space for readings, meetings or consultations.  Please feel free to contact me in regard to availability and costs.

healing Vibrations Meditation Waiting Room

The serene gardens surrounding my rooms here at Healing Vibrations also offer an oasis where you will connect to nature during your visit. The birds that regularly visit the garden can often be heard contributing their song during your healing experience.

I look forward to welcoming you to my beautiful rooms and gardens here at Healing Vibrations.