As a Reiki practitioner, it’s not unusual for me to receive enquiries from clients who want to have a quick Reiki tune-up to work on an issue they are currently experiencing. Reiki can certainly have short-term benefits. But much of its power comes from going deeper. So let’s look at why it’s not just a quick fix option, and how to avail yourself of the benefits of Reiki more effectively.

Why Reiki can feel like a quick fix

If you’ve experienced Reiki in the past, you’ve probably come out of your session feeling relaxed and so much better. And that is definitely one of the benefits of Reiki.  However, there may be other reasons why you leave a session feeling better.

Firstly, you’ve taken time out for yourself. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, taking time out can be an instant relief from whatever is stressing you. By giving yourself some space and time to relax and rebalance your body, you give your mind a chance to catch up and process what’s going on for you from a clearer perspective.

It’s also about your practitioner. Most Reiki practitioners won’t just shepherd you into a room and get down to business. We will ask you what’s been going on, what you would like your Reiki session to focus on, and take down some relevant background information about your situation.

This can help us direct the Reiki treatment, but even the discussion itself can be healing. By allowing yourself to open up and speak about your problems and be heard with full awareness and compassion, you can often start to seek your own solutions. So you can walk out of your session feeling inspired to take action.

These can all be wonderful things for your mental health and overall wellbeing. But at the end of the day, these boosts are a quick fix. A single session won’t be enough to shift the deeper patterns and alter long-held perspectives.

Why Reiki should be part of a long-term strategy

So why should you see Reiki as a long-term option, instead of just a quick fix? I think it comes down to the very nature of human beings.

There are so many layers to who you are as a person. Every layer reveals something different – a new aspect of yourself and often, a new challenge. People who never peel back their layers are likely to get stuck in the same patterns over and over. For instance, they attract unavailable love interests, or self-sabotage their work success, compromise their sense of value and confidence, or struggle to improve their health.

But if you scratch away at that surface and work through the layers, you can address the deeper issues. You can come to understand why you have these patterns in your life, and how to address them on a far deeper level.

How regular Reiki sessions can make you feel

When my clients come in for regular treatments, I can see a difference, and so can they. They feel peaceful and empowered to deal with whatever life experiences are coming up for them. The people around them respond differently because of the change in their energy. Even if they find themselves in an extremely challenging situation, they have a clearer perspective and can make the appropriate changes.

This is something that everyone can benefit from!

Reiki is just one of the healing therapies in my toolkit. If you are ready to make a real shift in your life, your best option is to explore my Transformational Programs, of which Reiki is definitely one of the healings offered.  In 2019 I will be moving away from one-off Reiki sessions and offering deeper healing transformations with my 3, 6 or 8 session programs.  I’d love to talk to you more about these individually tailored programs, so please contact me for more information.

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