A Healthy Mind makes for a Healthy Body. And meditation is one of the most powerful means of balancing and healing both.

Meditation is becoming recognized as a simple way of connecting with yourself and inducing a sense of peace and calm. I totally chose to embrace it when I discovered it during my first level of Reiki training in 1999. A day has not gone by since where I won’t spend at least 15 to 20 minutes a day in meditation. I believe my daily meditation has been the reason I was able to juggle working full time and raising a young family with the minimum of stress.  It has truly been my lifesaver.

Due to my love for mediation, I have, for many years now, lead meditation groups, both from my healing premises in Lilydale and also mobile from locations in Chirnside Park, Healesville and Bayswater. I am currently running two groups here at Healing Vibrations on alternative Wednesday and Thursday nights.

These groups, aptly named “Healing Meditations on Lakeview” are designed to facilitate and educate you, whether you are a beginner or already experienced, in the healing benefits of meditation.

If you would like to experience a deeper level of relaxation, broaden your spiritual awareness and develop a more profound connection with yourself, why not join one or both of these intimate groups here at Healing Vibrations on the nights and dates listed below. They commence at 7.30pm and following the meditation, please stay for some in-depth and interesting discussion and enjoy the home-made refreshments that are provided. Your investment is $20.00.

Please book your space here.

I also volunteer leading the meditation group which is held at the Victorian Spiritualist Union church in 51 Patterson Street, East Ringwood every 3rd Tuesday night of the month from 8.00 pm to 9.00pm.  This group is open to anyone who would like to attend for a small donation. You can contact me or the church on 03 9870 8400 for further details.

Floating in Peace – A Meditation from the Heart

My passion for meditation and guiding my clients to reach deep healing states within themselves initiated requests from them to create a CD for them to take home and meditate to.

This cd is the result of many months meditating and channeling the words from my innermost  being  to create a beautiful journey where you can follow your heart to a place deep within to heal yourself. It is a 45 minute journey into bliss! I collaborated with Reiki practitioner, Greg Riddell, who is also an accomplished composer and musical artist and his amazing intuitive guidance and creative musical genius is represented in the music he composed to assist you on your journey.

Here is an exert of the journey you will be guided on from this meditation CD.

I hope this small exert inspires you to hear more. The cost of the CD is $25 which includes postage and handling.

Please contact me by phone or email for details to purchase this CD.